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The Asian American Association for Human Services (AAAHS) Inc. was found in May of 1993. Realizing there was no one Asian American Association representing Asian Americans in the state, AAAHS was launched to provide human services and to present a united front for the Asian Americans in the state.
The original founders of the association included four Asian Americans: Fred Andes, DSW, Josephine Rago-Adia MSW, Antony Stephen Ph.D. and Mary Ann Wong MSW. Mary Ann Wong was its first Executive Director followed by Dr. Fred Andes. Since 1998, Dr. Antony Stephen is its Executive Director.
AAAHS is a not for profit, 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt association. Any contribution to the association is tax deductible.
Now AAAHS is not only recognized and known in the state but also in the nation.

NJAAAHS is a not for profit, 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization.

Our Mission

The mission of the association is to provide unmet and needed human services to the Asian American community in the state. To achieve this, the following objectives are

  • To organize statewide forums, health fairs and conferences to promote Asian American community‚Äôs quality of life.
  • To eliminate disparity and inequality in health care
  • To advocate for the empowerment of Asian American community
  • To provide individual, group and family counseling for health, mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence and acculturation issues
  • To provide yoga and nutrition education to promote the health and well-being of the Asian American community
  • To offer technical assistance and training to promote a clear understanding of Asian cultures
  • To provide community and professional education on health, mental health, substance abuse and other related issues among Asian Americans
  • To disseminate relevant, state of the art information on Asian Americans and related concerns
  • To provide consultation to groups and organizations regarding Asian Americans health, mental health and substance abuse problems and cultural implications for prevention and treatment
  • To conduct needs assessment and research for the development of responsive programs
  • To make appropriate referrals and linkages to community services
  • To enter into collaborative partnership agreements with state, local and other Asian American agencies in the undertaking of joint health and human service ventures.


The vision of the association is to establish a Center for Wellness and Health with interdisciplinary professional staff to address the developmental and psychosocial needs of the Asian American community from infancy to old age. Furthermore, the vision also includes the expansion of the association in the neighboring states so that the emerging human service needs of the Asian American community may be adequately met.

Major Accomplishments:

Health Forum and Seminars
Pioneered in organizing the Four Annual Statewide Health Forums in collaboration with more than 30 other New Jersey Agencies:

1. Health Status of Asian Americans (2000)
2. Substance Abuse among Asian Americans (2001)
3. Mental Helath Issues Among the Asian American Elderly (2003)
4. End of Life Care and Asian American Elderly (2005)

Initiated the first ever Chinese American Senior Health Fair which was attended by 250 youths and families.
Mental Health Townhall Meeting (September 2009)
Domestic violence among Asian Americans (September 2010)
Prostate Cancer Awareness, in partnership with Middlesex County Office of Public Health (September 2011)

In 2004 published the research study entitled: Alcohol Use Among Asian Americans in Jersey City with the funding from the Office of Minority and Multicultural Helath, NJ Department of Helath and Senior Services (NJDHSS).

In 2003, published the Asian American Resource Directory for Hudson and Middlesex Counties with the funding from the Office of Minority and Multicultural health, NJDHSS

Mental Health and Addiction Services
Mental Health and Addiction counseling for a nominal or no fee to Asian Americans.

Recipient of Asian American Achievement Award for outstanding services from Asian American Heritage Council of New Jersey


The New Jersey Asian American Association for Human Services is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.