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Yoga & Nutrition Education

Yogo and proper nutrition are known to promote one's health and well-being. The focus of this service is to educate Asian-Americans to live a healthy lifestyle.


Parenting Skills

Asian American parents have been experiencing difficulty in providing proper parenting. This service will provide education for the Asian American community in state-of-the-art parenting skills.


Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic Violence is a major problem for the Asian American community. Through group conseling, men will be educated on preventative techniques against domestic violence and anger issues.


Mental Health and Addiction Counseling

The model minority community is not exempt from mental health and addiction issues. Individualized psychotherapy sessions will focus on addressing these problems with preventative and life enhancing techniques.


Substance Abuse Education

Through community outreach, substance abuse education will be provided on the hazards of substance abuse, both on mind and body.


Volunteer Programs

Asian American community members are recruited to provide assistance in running these services effectively.

The New Jersey Asian American Association for Human Services is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.